• Barcode Generator Overview

    Switch to an easy and effective way of barcode generation with Zen Barcode Generator. This tool is designed in such a way to make single and multiple barcodes in just two simple steps. It is very easy to use as one has to just enter the data and set format followed by printing or exporting. The software is capable of generating professional barcodes in most commonly used barcode fonts such as UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code 39, Code 128 and others with 0-9 digits, characters or alphanumeric values. It allows formatting of numerous barcodes by using formatting panel. You can quickly create high quality constant or sequential value barcodes and print them hassle-free, or save or copy them for later use.

  • Printing Barcodes on Labels

    Zen Barcode Software allows for easy printing or exporting of barcodes as images. Go to Print Barcodes option and manually set print alignments such as Auto, Pre-Defined Label Stock and Manual. If you want barcodes center-aligned, use auto. For printing barcodes with specific templates like APLI, Ace Label, Avery etc. with unique product numbers, choose Pre-Defined Label Stock. On the other hand, Manual Alignment is used to set values as per the requirement in terms of Number Across, Down, Margins and others to get perfect print.

    You can choose to save the barcodes in almost any file format such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and others. The barcode generator also has Copy feature which allows people to copy it as an image that can be used in various other applications such as Word, Excel, Paint, Adobe Photoshop and other programs.

  • Data Sheet Support

    If you wish to make multiple barcodes in lesser time, you can choose to list values to create list of barcodes manually by importing values from Text or Excel document. It has become easy to create sequential list by entering data in prefix, suffix and specific range field with print quantity manually for barcode values, text above and below fields or import information of Barcode Values, Text Above and Below from text/excel files to sequential list of barcodes. Data panel is mentioned in the data of sequential list for easy access and editing.

  • Barcodes Customization

    Now you can choose to format and customize barcode labels just by setting various parameters in the field of Basic Settings, Text Formatting, and Advanced Settings. In addition, manage output dimensions in terms of height, width, bar settings via Background and Bars color, Rotation, Text Visibility and Bearer Bars either vertically or horizontally. Text Formatting allows you to set different text styles and alignments for Text Above and Below information. Under Advanced Settings, you can set bar dimensions, and margins etc.

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